We conduct crane training across the Nation and have used this Process to assist thousands of crane operators achieve their NCCCO certification


CCO Preparation, Written Exam & Practical Exam Certification

Operator certification per the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) requirement is a two part process.

Part one: Written Exam
Part two: Practical Exam

All candidates are required to pass both the written and practical examinations in order to be certified. Part one, operators are required to pass a written, technical exam. To accomplish this we offer the following:

CCO Preparation Class

Operators should attend this 2-day prep class that is designed to teach candidates the information needed to pass the written exam. Even the most experienced operators have a better chance to pass if they attend a prep class. (Prep days could be extended to 3, 4, or 5 days depending on the number of Specialties).

• Call for per student costs (Includes: Student materials & certificates of participation)
• Go to www.ostsinc.com for calendar of scheduled Prep dates.

CCO Written Examination
The written examination program consists of a Core examination in crane operation, as well as four Crane Specialty examinations.
All candidates are required to take the Core examination regardless of the Specialty(s) in which they wish to be certified.
CCO Specialty Examinations:

• Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes
• Lattice Boom Truck Cranes
• Large Telescopic Boom Cranes (Swing Cab)
• Small Telescopic Boom Cranes (Fixed Cab)

Candidate/Student Requirements for Written Exam
The following forms must be submitted to IAI no less than two weeks prior to your Written Exam date.

• Candidate Application for Written Exam
• Experience Form
• Physical Examination Form (signed off by the examining doctor)

Application Fees for Written Examinations are:
Core exam plus any one (1) Specialty Exam $165
Core exam plus two (2) Specialties $175
Core exam plus three (3) Specialties $185
Core exam plus four (4) Specialties $195

All written application exam fees are paid directly to International Assessment Institute (IAI). For complete details, go to www.ostsinc.com to download the "Candidate Handbook". There is a "Sitting Fee" (administrative / facilities fee) for candidates just wanting to sit for an examination without participating in the Preparatory course. This "Sitting Fee" is paid directly to OSTS and does NOT include any IAI fees.

Test Scheduling Options:

Regular schedule
For test sites, IAI requires a Written Test Administration Request Form at least four (4) weeks prior to the desired test date. With a guarantee of at least 15 candidates, there is no additional fee.

Test Sites w/Less than 15 Candidates
• 1-5 candidates - $400 flat fee plus candidate fees
• 6-10 candidates - $300 flat fee plus candidate fees
• 11-14 candidates - $200 flat fee plus candidate fees

Test Site Cancellation fee:

Test sites will be required to pay a cancellation fee of $100 if they cancel a Test Site within 16 to 30 days of the test date. Test sites will be required to pay a cancellation fee of $500 if they cancel a Test Site within 1 to 15 days of the test date.

Candidates may take the Written Examination(s) and Practical Examination(s) in either order. The Written Exam does not have to preceed the Practical Exam. Candidates have 12 months from the time they pass both the Core and Specialty Examinations in which to pass the Practical examination.

Eligibility Requirements

• Be at least 18 years of age
• Meet Medical requirementsCertification Requirements
• Pass Written Examinations (Core and one Specialty)
• Pass Practical Examination(s)

CCO Practical Examination
Candidates may take their Practical Examination(s) prior to the Written Examination(s) if they choose. Candidates who do not take the Practical Examination within 12 months of passing the Written Examination must retake and pass the Written Examination.

A practical exam takes approximately one hour per operator to complete one (1) Specialty. Test site to be coordinated through OSTS

• Up to 8 operators w/ One Specialty per day
• Up to 4 operators w/ Two Specialties per day
• Extra fees per additional exam

OSTS estimates that eight (8) exams can be accomplished in one day. OSTS is not responsible for exam delays or rescheduling due to equipment, site or student issues.

Please Call for the most current pricing

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